Leap Frog – Use a Mallet to catapult a rubbery frog off his lillipad and into your bowl.

Crazy Car – Steer a ball down a pothole filled lane, see how many potholes you can miss.

Ka-Plunk – Drop your disk down the pegs. Will it go left or right?

Ring Toss – Toss your rings over the pegs.  How many pegs can you ring?

Can Smash – How many cans can you knock off the stand?  Do the cans stand a chance?

Potty Toss – How many bean bags can you toss in the potty?

Big Mouth Baseball – Test your pitching accuracy with this classic carnival game.

Tip the Bottle-Sounds simple enough, right? Challenge yourself to pull the bottle into an upright position using only a wand & your wits!

Bull Ringer – One tough new carnival game.  Drop the ring on a string & try to hook it over the bull’s nose.

Cactus Toss – Your typical ring toss, but with a western, cactus theme.

Samson Smash Hi-striker – This kiddie striker matches you up against the strength of Samson.

Toy Soldier Hi-striker – This custom striker will take you back to the nutcracker.

Duck Pond– Catch a duck in the flowing river. What number will you get?

Double Shot Basketball (no electronics) – See if you can outshoot your friends.

Spin-the-wheel – Spin and see if you hit the winning color or number.

Football Toss – Practice your aim with this fun game.

Roller Bowler – Roll hard enough to get over the first hump but soft enough to keep it from rolling back.

Skeet – A fun, classic game where the goal is to roll the balls up the alley & land them in one of the three holes. Each hole is smaller & worth more points than the last!

Ricochet – Roll the ball down one side & ricochet it off of the bungees into the holes on the other side. How high can you score in just three tries?

Bottle Ring Toss – Everyone will enjoy our classic Ring Toss. The goal: toss the rings around as many bottles as you can!

Leaping Lizards – An exciting, interactive game where the goal is to land the lizard on the log or surrounding leaves. Simply place a lizard on one end of the adjustable arm, aim, & hit the other end with the mallet to make the lizard ‘leap’ onto the desired landing spot.

Golf Challenge – See if you can chip your ball onto the green, or even get a hole-in-one on the golf course backdrop.

Noah’s Ark Toss – See if you can toss the animals aboard the ark-themed backdrop before the flood.

Monster Blast – Kids of all ages will love this exciting, monster-blasting game.  Players can try to eliminate the monsters by knocking them down with the built in dart gun!

Windmill Putt – Test your putting skills with our Mini Golf game. Putt through the tunnel & lookout for the spinning windmill!